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about requesters

A requester is a type of relying party that protects an action by sending an authentication request to mumon. The authentication request includes a 'rid' parameter: a 'requester ID', which can be anything the requester wants it to be. If you are signed in to mumon with a client UA (usually a web browser like Firefox or Chrome) from which an authentication request is sent, mumon will return a consistent ID (a SHA-256 hash generated from your mumon account info and the requester ID) that the requester can use to uniquely identify you in its system, but which reveals nothing else about you except that you were signed in to mumon at that time with that UA. If you are not signed in, mumon will return an error indicating that.

If you want to protect some action, you can set a requester ID and the IP address of the protected-action server here. If you have a requester ID, you can check it below. If you don't have an account, you can create one here.

get your requester ID (if you have one)

Normally a requester has your ID for them as a result of your previous interactions with them, but if you need to know your ID for a particular requester ID, enter that requester ID below. If you're just curious, enter anything (or nothing).

requester ID
get your ID for this requester ID